When I think that everything is hopeless and that the book will not be published on time, GZH makes a little miracle:
a beautiful book, a mirror image of the world's highest graphic standards, sees the light of the day - on time!
Školska knjiga d.d.Miroslava Vučić

GZH is a very reliable partner you can work with. Staff is highly responsible and cooperative (and also very nice!).
It's a pleasure to work with them!
White Star S.p.A.Alberto Nava

GZH stands for flexibility, high quality and reliability. We are happy to have such a printing partner on our side and to know
that our projects and always in good hands with them.
Quintessenz Verlags-GmbHDavid Kühn

We express the pleasure of cooperation in all past, as well as many future projects.Plodine d.d.Ivana Kasunić




The European Business Awards (EBA) is a renowned competition that recognizes innovation and business success, with a view to further strengthening the business community across Europe. It has been running since 2007, and this year GZH was nominated …


GZH in numbers

110,000 m2of printing plates a year

≈ surface area of 15 football pitches

14,000 tof paper a year

≈ length of 580 trucks in a 8.5 km long line

1,175,000,000of printed pages a year

≈ one printed page per every 6th inhabitant of the Earth

500 tof printing inks a year

≈ load-bearing capacity of 20 trucks


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