When I think that everything is hopeless and that the book will not be published on time, GZH makes a little miracle:
a beautiful book, a mirror image of the world's highest graphic standards, sees the light of the day - on time!
Školska knjiga d.d.Miroslava Vučić

GZH is a very reliable partner you can work with. Staff is highly responsible and cooperative (and also very nice!).
It's a pleasure to work with them!
White Star S.p.A.Alberto Nava

GZH stands for flexibility, high quality and reliability. We are happy to have such a printing partner on our side and to know
that our projects and always in good hands with them.
Quintessenz Verlags-GmbHDavid Kühn

We express the pleasure of cooperation in all past, as well as many future projects.Plodine d.d.Ivana Kasunić


GZH receives prestigious print quality certificate PSO (ISO 12467-2)


PSO (Process Standard Offset) is an internationally recognized standard developed through the cooperation of Fogra, Graphic Technology Research Association, and German Printing and Media Industries Federation (BvDM). It is based on the provisions of ISO 12467-2, and it …


GZH in numbers

110,000 m2of printing plates a year

≈ surface area of 15 football pitches

14,000 tof paper a year

≈ length of 580 trucks in a 8.5 km long line

1,175,000,000of printed pages a year

≈ one printed page per every 6th inhabitant of the Earth

500 tof printing inks a year

≈ load-bearing capacity of 20 trucks


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