Management system standards

ISO 9001:2015

It is the basic and the most common international standard for business management systems, which sets forth the requirements for establishing and maintaining quality management system. It also includes and controls the processes within an organization that manufactures a product. Compliance of our quality management system with the requirements of the standard was certified for the first time in 2001. The continuing renewal of this certificate is evidence of our willingness to continuously improve our work process, as well as the efficiency of our production system.

ISO 14001:2015

In order to monitor the impact of business activities and production process on the environment and natural resources, we implemented the environmental management system. Within the work process, we recognised and identified significant aspects of the environment to be managed. In addition, we carry out activities in order to maximally reduce our environmental impact and we take preventive actions in order to avoid potential pollutions. ISO 14001:2015 certificate confirms our ecological awareness.

FOGRA PSO (ISO 12647-2)

PSO (Process Standard Offset) is an internationally recognised standard, developed in collaboration with Fogra, the German Graphic Technology Research Association, and the German Federal Printing and Media Association (BvDM). It is based on the provisions of ISO 12467-2 and prescribes the quality of the entire printing production process - from printing data preparation and proofs to printing and finished printed products. It guarantees high quality printing and production stability. GZH has been PSO certified since 2017.


We are proud to hold the FSC®CoC certificate (Forest Stewardship Council – Chain of Custody). Through this certificate, we accepted the responsibility of manufacturing printing products pursuant to the principles of sustainable development within the domain of forest management. When manufacturing products that bear the FSC® mark, we are obligated to ensure documentation traceability in proving the origin of product, from purchase of FSC® raw materials to printing and delivery of finished FSC® products. By doing so, we confirm our responsibility in the production chain pertaining to environmental protection and natural resources conservation.

ISO 45001:2018

In our work organisation, we pay special attention to occupational health and safety of employees. We implemented and certified the occupational health and safety management system pursuant to ISO 45001:2018 standard to reduce the risks of occupational illness and injuries and to promote high quality of work environment, thus improving our work efficiency.


SMETA is an acronym for Sedex Membership Ethical Trade Audit. Sedex members include certification bodies, various companies, as well as non-governmental organisations, which have developed a methodology for auditing ethical business principles, including workers’ rights, health and safety at work, environmental protection, and business ethics. GZH has successfully passed this audit and confirmed that their business operation is in accordance with the highest ethical requirements, thus joining the world's leading companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Nestle, Disney, Unilever and many others.